The UK Construction Industry is slowly but steadily emerging from the poor economic climate of recent years. Due to reduced workload, many businesses have taken measures to undergo re-structuring and some have unfortunately lost a large part of their skills base during this process. In a recovering market place, businesses of all sizes are more aware than ever of the need to be able to react to the changing demands of their clients, but many are not yet in a position to commit to any risk in employing skilled persons, as future requirements may be uncertain. There is an ever growing demand for modern businesses to rebuild with flexibility in staffing and service levels in mind whilst maintaining the correct level of skill within their team.



At DS Commercial Management our mission is to meet this current demand in the field of commercial management and quantity surveying. Working with and for our clients we deliver high quality services through our people and utilising highly flexible arrangements. Our people have valuable and relevant experience within the construction sector, ranging from private quantity surveying practices to multi-million pound projects as part of large commercial teams. We value our dominant qualities of being flexible, diligent, honest and reliable - always looking for opportunities to add value to our clients. Our skills and experience cover the entire scope of the commercial management and quantity surveying roles from project inception to eventual completion. We invite you to view our services below for details on how we are able to add value and flexibility to your business.


From providing guide prices for a single package to providing a fully detailed budget for a new build scheme as main contractor, we know that producing a budget can be a chore when being undertaken by inexperienced or busy departments.


We appreciate that in order to maintain profitable business there is always the need for measuring, both on-site and off-site. Most contracts stipulate interim measurement in order to receive regular payments and to maintain programme details.


With the increasing rise of ‘Design and Construct’ Contracts in the marketplace, Contractors tendering for work no longer receive a tender enquiry containing a Bill of Quantities or Bill of Materials to enable them to price the Works.


With fluctuations in the UK Budget and the ongoing marketing battles in the industry, tendering and estimating is one area of the industry which perhaps can be the most volatile.


Typically, the majority of UK Construction projects undergo an initial period of heavy procurement, both for subcontract and material packages. Often, Contractors struggle to balance their existing staff levels to these procurement requirements, and then some of the processes start to fail.


With cost reporting playing a vital role in the success of businesses in the UK, and the ever growing requirement for commercial controls being in place, the commercial management and quantity surveying role is growing.


Main Contractors are faced with undertaking projects that are ever more complex in nature and design. Seldom will a project run smoothly from beginning to end.


Often, the focus of a project is on completion so as to avoid damages and maintain reputation. However, equally important is the agreement of the final account, whether with the client or with subcontractors and suppliers in the supply chain.



Incorporating all of the above individual services, we also offer a full turnkey commercial management and quantity surveying service, customised to suit your individual needs. We welcome the opportunity to work within large or small commercial teams, as sole project surveyors, as commercially responsible managers, or whatever else you may have requirement for. Please contact us and we will be pleased to discuss your needs and offer you a quotation for our commercial management and quantity surveying services.

  • We offer a bespoke estimating service, working with clients even on a part time basis where required to clear a backlog of tenders.
  • At DS Commercial Management, we appreciate the variety in scope and size of each project, and we always address your needs and tailor our approach to deliver a high quality service.
  • We are fully acquainted with all methods of measurement and use our experience to determine those works that may otherwise be missed.



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New Website Launched

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DS Commercial management has launched their new website. We hope this site gives you a good overview of the services we provide and how we can be of help to your company. Over the coming weeks and months we will be adding more information plus industry specific news. Please feel ...

  • Your work was invaluable in both undertaking large portions of the Quantum element of the Adjudication Referral and in formulating key elements of the subsequent Reply. I also found your flexibility in working additional hours to meet the adjudication timetable of great help.

    John Calvert / Calvert & Russell



The Director, David Smith, has 10 years valuable experience of working within the commercial management sector of the UK Construction Industry during perhaps its most volatile period.

He has experience of working with international main contractors (VINCI UK, Balfour Beatty Construction) and regional main contractors (Mowlem, Shaylor Group, Galliford Try) and also working with private practices (Calvert and Russell), gaining experience in a wide range of commercial activities.


During this time, David noted that due to the volatile nature of the industry in recent times, a more flexible approach to providing commercial management and quantity surveying services could be a more suitable solution to resourcing needs, whilst still prioritising the correct levels of skill and experience.


In early 2013, David incorporated DS Commercial Management in order to provide a flexible approach, offering a customized commercial management and quantity surveying service to his clients as they have need.

Services Offered:

  • Budgeting
  • Measurement
  • Bill Production
  • Estimating
  • Procurement
  • Commercial Management
  • Variation Management
  • Final Account Negotiations



DS Commercial Management is currently seeking additional people of all levels to work alongside us in providing our high quality commercial management and quantity surveying services.
If you would be interested in a future with DS Commercial Management then please forward a copy of your most recent CV to us and we will contact you to discuss this with you accordingly.
Please forward a copy of your CV along with covering letter either via email or post as per our details within the ‘Contact Us’ section of the site.



Please feel free to get in touch to see how DS Commercial Management can help you. Please fill in the form or contact us using the details below.

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