Bill Production


With the increasing rise of ‘Design and Construct’ Contracts in the marketplace, Contractors tendering for work no longer receive a tender enquiry containing a Bill of Quantities or Bill of Materials to enable them to price the Works. Instead, the tender enquiry generally contains a full set of drawings, along with a complex specification and a simple brief as to the nature of the Works. From this information, Contractors are expected to measure, bill and quote for all of the works on a ‘plan and specification’ basis. As with all disciplines, it is difficult to find the resource in today’s economic climate to employ an additional person with the required skills to undertake this work.


This risky process can cause a dilemma for Contractors to undertake, particularly when time is at a premium. We offer a bespoke measurement and bill production service that removes such risk from our clients, and allows them to continue with the important work of becoming more profitable and secure in this recovering market.


DS Commercial Management have experience in dealing with these methods of tendering, and can assist your estimating processes by undertaking our Bill Production services. We meticulously check all drawing plans, elevations, sections and schematics to identify all of the various works and, combined with the detailed information within the specification and our experience in measurement, produce a detailed and accurate Bill of Quantities or Materials for the required elements of work as directed by you.


Please contact us and we will be pleased to discuss your needs and offer you a quotation for our bill production services.