Variation Assessment and Claim Management


Main Contractors are faced with undertaking projects that are ever more complex in nature and design. Seldom will a project run smoothly from beginning to end without the unexpected occurring, be that a client led design change, inclement weather, or site conditions different to those tendered.


Whilst the focus for Contractors is predominantly completion of the project, it is important to not allow these changes to affect the project adversely in a commercial sense. This can easily happen though in the urgency that surrounds practical completion.


DS Commercial Management are experienced both in analysing cause and effect of delays, quantum elements of measurement, recovery of preliminaries costs and loss and expense claims. Whether the referring or responding party of any such issue, we welcome the opportunity to assist and advise in the preparation of any claims for delay or variations, ensuring that these opportunities to maximise profitability are not missed during the project.


Please contact us and we will be pleased to discuss your needs and offer you a quotation for our variation assessment and claim management services.