Final Account Negotiation


Often, the focus of a project is on completion so as to avoid damages and maintain reputation. However, equally important is the agreement of the final account, whether with the client or with subcontractors and suppliers in the supply chain. The important of this key area of commercial management and quantity surveying cannot be overstated. However, at times the urgency to agree the final accounts can overshadow the need to obtain the most profitable deal.


Also, in the wake of large projects where commercial teams have moved on following project completion, legacy issues, or ‘problem accounts’, remain. Whilst many of these are problematic or time consuming to complete, it is important for the accuracy of liabilities and also to fall in line with current legislation regarding dealing with payment requests.


DS Commercial Management provide final account negotiations both for clients and supply chain partners on either a part time or full time basis, agreeing accounts as projects proceed and packages require finalising, in order to provide cost certainty and also the most profitable solution. Our experience in dealing directly with clients and supply chain partners places us in an excellent position to ensure that we will provide you with excellent advice on account agreement and also take control of the process if required.


Please contact us and we will be pleased to discuss your needs and offer you a quotation for our final account negotiation services.